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Alchemical Reaction

Release A Day #6 ~ Alchemical Reaction

As I stated in my launch post, creating or birthing music has been a vital tool for me over the years to manage my emotional landscape, to give form to significant experiences, and to have a release valve for challenging passages.  Music has been my therapist, and the conversations we’ve had have been captured in these recordings.  

My 12 string guitar has been a primary vehicle in this particular vein of emotional and spiritual exploration and has served me well in this capacity.  We’ve been through a lot together, and I consider her to be one of my best friends and teachers.  

I am choosing to share this particular piece of music today because it is full of turmoil and the facing of conflict ~ it feels like an apt musical metaphor as we collectively stare down the barrel of societal threat.  To stand in the face of an oncoming storm is to confront destiny ~ we are shaped by the experience, knowing we cannot run and we cannot hide.  There’s a vital exchange of information, of surrender, and embrace, and the currency of this transaction is transformation.  We emerge from our turmoils diminished or strengthened, compromised or forged into a deeper presence.  

This piece was born in the murky depths of personal turmoil as I was steadfast and determined to stand tall throughout, face my fears head on, with the hopes that once the tempest had subsided I would emerge tempered and fortified for the days to come.  

The title of the piece is derived from a quote by Carl Jung ~ “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”  

I’m going to add an additional layer of interest to this particular offering ~ I’m thinking that after the video I made today playing this piece (with really cold fingers…) I’m going to tack on a studio recording version of the piece from a couple of years ago with deeper instrumentation as that’s definitely closer to what I hear in my head.  It’s a short piece, so the two versions back to back still come in under 4 minutes. 

I’m also feeling strongly that by throwing this piece out now as we collectively brace ourselves for the sustained winds of hurricane corona as it blows through our communities, I invoke the strength and courage to face fears that this piece was born from. 

Listen to Alchemical Reaction:

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New Beginnings

Release A Day #4 ~ 3.20.20

So here’s the thing. I’ve got a lot up my sleeve, but none of this is planned out. I’m really flying by the seat of my pants having set myself up to do this release a day thing, and am taking it day by day and just trying to be open to what will be the best choices.  I am feeling drawn to another upbeat and celebratory piece today for some reason, perhaps because yesterday’s piece was so well received, and lord knows I’ve got my fair share of intense and heavy pieces as well to share in the days and weeks to come.  

New Beginnings was born a couple of years ago when moving into a new house and there was great acoustics in a very large room. I loved how this piece rang out and the waltz timing feels so fluid.  It makes my wife smile every time she hears it, so I like it for that reason alone.

It’s also a great example of so much music that comes through me, where I sense that there is so much more going on in the composition than what I can actually play myself. I’ve tried to approximate what I hear with the strings, but approximate is the operative word.  It’s what 90 minutes of creativity has afforded me today, and I’m happy enough with it to share, though it still feels like a sketch.

I hope it brings a smile to your face as well. 

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