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Original Music Release A Day #15

Here’s another original banjo piece, thought I’d just play another one live since that was fun the first time and y’all seemed to respond to it so well.  

This piece was written in the early 1990’s after encountering a group called Sileas at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. They had just released an album called “Beating Harps” and the sound of these two women singing and playing two harps together completely blew my mind. They were so tight in their picking and in their harmonies together and it made a huge impression on me.  I immediately bought their cassette (ahem..) and have been listening to them ever since (though I’m glad they’re on Spotify now). 

I took their inspiration to challenge myself to try and emulate the joy I heard in their music and this is what came of that.  This might very well have been the piece that sparked my mission to make the banjo not sound like a banjo, or at least to play it non-traditionally.  I loved working out the cascading lines and probably should have developed this more but I was so enchanted with the sound that I just kept playing what I had since it sounded like nothing else I had ever written at the time.

More about my COVID-19 we’re self isolating so might as well make the most of it with creative projects original music release a day:

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