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Music Release A Day #10 ~ 5 Foot 2 COVER

I’m choosing to go with a cover song today mainly because it’s so much fun and we need up energy right now.  

In the months leading up to our wedding almost five (!) years ago I kept myself grounded and balanced by recording a series of big band and swing tunes.  It was a wonderful project and totally served to keep me from getting too wrapped up in the stress of wedding planning.  

The origins of this song are kind of murky, with earliest references to it around 1914.  According to wikipedia: “Credit for the most popular version of the song, though, is given to Ray Henderson for the music, and Sam M. Lewis and Joseph Widow Young for the lyrics. It was this version that was recorded by The California Ramblers in 1925.”

I’m fond of my version with it’s ukulele rhythmic foundation, a solid bass line, and playful lead guitar work ~ it was a hell of a good time to record this one!

And yes, I recognize the irony of using this picture of my wife in that dress alongside the lyrics to this song…

To the Video~

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